Released on 22-Feb-2021

Android Version

1.6.0 or higher

iOS Version

1.6.0 or higher

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The Multisite add-on enables you to create an app for your WordPress multisite network. You can now make unique apps for each country and connect them using this add-on to publish a single mobile app for your app users.


Customize app experience based on location

Enable your app users to select a country within your app. Deliver personalized mobile app experiences to your app users based on the country they choose.


Connect and manage apps in one place

Connect all the apps you create with AppMySite for different countries with a click. Manage them from your account with options to add, remove, change countries and more.


An app for every country

Create customized apps for each website in your multisite network with AppMySite. Assign a country for each app build and offer a localized app experience.

Once your order is processed, you will have the option to connect multiple apps you have built in your account.

Create an app for each website in your multisite network and start connecting them with the Multisite add-on. Get on a paid plan to purchase the add-on.

The multisite addon extends the ability to manage multiple apps while giving overall control to the owner.